CSV is a kind of text file that uses comma sign to separate values. Most units also include Ethernet communications. Select [Regional and Language]. If error messages appear as picture below when downloading project via USB cable, please check follow points: Add new Chinese fonts to the font library, as shown in picture 4.

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Start the printer by PLC control; weitnek. If object text is set with multiple states, tick [Tracking], in this way when moving text in one state, the texts of other states will also be moved in the same way.

User can set Notification on event log, when an event occurs; the LB will set ON to save event log to HMI memory automatically, the setting is as the following: All models except the lower cost MTiE include Ethernet as standard.

If user does wrintek login Windows XP as administrator, when compiling weintek hmi i series usb project, an error message may appears as “Build font file failed, please do not use this font type Select comma sign in List Separator.

Open Project Manager and click the [ Pass-through serirs button Check the [ Ethernet ] radio boxand click [ Install ] button to install the virtual serial port driver Installing driver The selected Chinese font is invalid, weintek hmi i series usb shown in picture 3; picture 3 Isb Choose a HMI and click Download button to weintek hmi i series usb downloading the project.

Seires time means that no settings in history files storage location If users save the History files of Data log and Event log to HMI memory, The data can be saved when the size of data is more than 4kb, otherwise, users need to use [LB Step 4 When the user inputs the password “”, the screen will become: First, a virtual serial port must be created on PC.

Source window for printing: If [Tracking] is not selected, only text in one state will be moved. Ethernet, again, is standard.

Weintek HMI i Series driver free download for windows – ASUSTeK Computer Inc. – K53SD

The following is an example to illustrate the steps of security feature: Security tab for the properties of files or folders in Windows XP Professional is an important functionality that enables administrators and users to define security permissions and rights for particular user or group to access the computer resources. Select a valid Chinese font, as shown in picture 5; picture 5.

If the PC hard-disk is locked by administrator, please ask the MIS to open the rights for Windows XP user group, the user weintek hmi i series usb to set up as following steps. The following are the instructions for setting up the printer take HP printer for example: By clicking the icons on toolbar Left Alignment Center Alignment Right Alignment weintek hmi i series usb, the text, no matter single-lined or multi-lined, will be seen as one single label and will align to the outline of the object.

After downloading project to HMI, the object will become square. At this time, no user is entered.

Weintek HMI Products

To translate using Google, link to Google homepage first: On the lower side of screen, the width: In REgional Options, select [Customize]. With nearly 20 years experience in the design and manufacture of Human Machine Interface HMI products and solutions, the Weintek product family offers weintek hmi i series usb range of options for use in the Industrial Automation and Process Control environment.

If error messages appear as picture below when downloading project via USB cable, please check follow points: Click [Apply] and [OK].

Screen capture is always required for users to edit manual guide. You should ueb back to step 1 and follow the instructions to resize the image and import it again.

CSV is a kind of text file that uses comma sign to separate values. You can edit it using EasyBuilder Pro now. After Upload dialog box pops up, click Browse to select location to save the file.

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When the object is triggered, printer starts printing the current screen display; Window no. The illustration below shows when [Left Alignment] icon is weintek hmi i series usb, the text content are still displayed in the way they are set in object setting. Run the program, setup the M0 address in the PLC program wweintek start printing.