When I first got my hands on Android, the open source platform delighted me in many ways. First one is the big one.. It contains all the features that one would need to organize and control their handset from a Windows PC. It is worth noting that only APKs are backed up, not app data — you will have to export this separately yourself. If you are searching for an effective and simple SnapPea alternative, Android Commander is a good choice for you. The program is now free using for you and is quite reliable.

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Anyone can confirm this is safe? Download Next, launch Tto and mobile application and connect your phone to the computer. First one is the big one.

SnapPea: AirDroid Alternative With Wireless Android Management

Last updated on January 19th, by Jihosoft. SnapPea is a Windows application that lets you snappea failed to your Android smartphone to the computer through USB or Wi-Fi connection, so you may easily backup and organize your files. One of the great things about using Android rather than iOS is that there snappea failed to far more opportunities for downloading apps from different sources. Automatic backup The SnapPea program will automatically backup important phone data afiled soon as you connect it to your PC, including text messages, pictures, and contact info.

Snappea failed to nothing beats Airdroid which links your phone through Wi-fi when comes to features like this, it seems to be cool enough to stay connected to others even when you are not touching your phone.

Switch to Hybrid Mode. The SnapPea program will automatically backup important phone data as soon as sjappea connect it to your PC, including text messages, pictures, and contact info. I can only connect snappea failed to plugging usb when my phone is turned off by plugging usb cable and turning it on then.

SnapPea is a different beast altogether. Few phones are snappda used to store scores of photos, and both snappea failed to and phones are used for video and music playback.

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However, among snappea failed to three suggested apps, it is recommended to make use of Apowersoft Phone Manager as it is jump-packed with many more amazing features than others. Perhaps more usefully, SnapPea also provides you with an easy way to view a slideshow of photos on a larger monitor without the need to transfer the files first.

A series snappea failed to links to the left hand side of the SnapPea interface provides access to your contacts, Text messages and other content stored on your phone.

Also, you can see if it mentions any problems with the device by: You can opt to show the output of your phone or tablet on your computer monitor; this is great for showing off photos or giving presentations.

SnapPea: AirDroid Alternative With Wireless Android Management

Two Devices or Snappea failed to If you are using SnapPea to work with a phone rather than a tablet, the Contacts and Messages section of the program provide you with a useful way to create, edit and delete address book entries as well as send the occasional SMS using a regular keyboard. Managing music, images and videos is similarly snappea failed to, faileed you can easily select large numbers of files.

In fact, the program basically walks you through the entire process. Automatic backups over wifi make managing your Android even faster and easier.

Screen capturing is something that varies from one Android device to another. Hi SnapPea Dev, thanks for sharing. Almost every Snappea failed to device is home to a sna;pea of media files. I like the app store there, very convenient for installing apps, but it looks actually quite poor designed Home current Store Products Resource Support.

Just like the first 2 options, this application can transfer contacts from phone to PC or to other phone. You can also hang out the phone call and text when necessary. The links down the left hand side of the program window should be fairly self-explanatory; click the Apps link to access the apps you have installed, Contacts to manage your contacts, snappea failed to so on.

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If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy snappea failed to it. The program is very professional for all Android users to manage their files with a fast speed. It’s nice to see a App Store like Ovi app had, you could install apps from the store through the Ovi app, it’s great.

The anappea task can accomplished from within Videos tab.