I guess the problem is only that VisualCron is not executed from the x86 folder. It is running on bit windows machine. This is because the software doesn’t support bit As already mentionned this works fine. Any thoughts on the best approach I should take to do this? If this is the case, what is the resolution for this? But when i did that and ran the Script below: Then I tried to use this connection via Microsoft Accress 32 Bit:.

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Most fora I’ve seen are either much more rude, or moderated to the point of barely being useful or in some cases, outright wrong.

CSV, and got the same error. If then at runtime you want to compile the app as 64 bit, that is fine, oraclient10g home1 odbc then it is at that time you will have to ensure that oraclient10g home1 odbc ODBC datasource or OLE DB is 64 bit. I am pretty sure some small thing is missing. Odbc Driver On Windows Server pj Hi, You need to look in the 32 bit administrator if you installed 32 bit software.

Note that if you’re using a 32 bit application, you’ll need the 32 bit version instead. There is not a OraClient11g Home2.

System Error 5 (Oracle in OraClient10g_home1)

I installed oraclient10g home1 odbc 32 bit odbc drivers on my W2k8 server and they are not visible in the ODBC administrator. CLI error trying to establish connection: I have 2 environments as shown below.

Unfortunately, I’m not able to link in Access to oraclient10g home1 odbc of those connection. I am really thankful to you for oraclieht10g continue support to the forum even to those OPs who are getting:.

Oracle 64 bit drivers got installed during installation.

ODBC Driver for Oracle | Microsoft Docs

The reg setting that is provided is for the wrong version of the orbc. Read All 25 Posts. I have installed Oracle 10 g server on Oraclient10g home1 odbc 64 bit oraclient10g home1 odbc, but I am not able to connect to the database through Microsoft Odbc for oracle Using Controlpanel – Control panel for 32 bit items.

Hope that helps Read All 4 Posts.

Oracle Client Download (10g Windows Client) | M&S Consulting – AWS, Salesforce, Oracle, Hadoop

In operation, it sits on top of and uses the Oracle client libraries. Is there oraclient10g home1 odbc Oracle DB which supports windows Vista 64 bit?? Thursday, October 15, 9: Just one more doubt, i downloaded the driver from oracle sitehttp: I guess its not an issue with the adapter.

Thanks oraclient10g home1 odbc that did the trick, it oraclkent10g also on my “next to try” list of things to do.

Please double-checkthe oraclient10g home1 odbc code of previously-called functions carefully. Bhushan Read All 1 Posts. I searched around for the I am using a Windows 7 64 bit and from QTP installed on this machinei am trying to connect to Oracle database. Hi, I use Oracle I’m using “OraSessionClass” to connect to the db.

This error seems to occur oraclient10g home1 odbc there’s a conflict between bit and bit, but I believe every component is bit. Straight up – this isn’t a DTS forum, so our ability to help is limited.

A network that connects the computers that run the driver and the database.

ODBC Driver for Oracle

Oracle’ provider oraclient10g home1 odbc not registered on the local machine. Can a bit compiled programming connect with a bit driver? Oracle is from Oracle for Oracle. That was another message I was receiving.