An automatic color registration adjustment is performed every time a new print cartridge is installed. Purchase a new transfer unit. Page 77 Selecting Printing Options See the following table for specific printing options: To order paper, transparencies, or other specialty media, contact our Customer Support Center or your dealers. Adjusting Copying Options To have the image repeated on a sheet: Page 19 Safety Notes Do not incline the product more than 10 degrees.

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DocuPrint C3290 FS Drivers & Downloads

Page 91 Printing on Specialty Media Insert the tray into the tray slot, and push the tray completely into the printer. Prints a report of the speed dial numbers. Push the trays in docuprint c3290 fs they stop. Operator access to hazardous areas is restricted with covers or guards, which would require a tool to remove.

Do not touch areas with labels indicating high voltage or temperature. Loading Documents for Scanning Loading Documents for Scanning Position the original document to be scanned as shown docuprint c3290 fs. Confirm that there are no scraps of paper left inside the transfer belt unit.

Printing on Specialty Media Insert the paper into the tray. Automatic Color Registration Adjustment Use the following procedure to perform automatic color registration adjustment.

If the power cord is broken or insulated wires are exposed, ask your Fuji Xerox Customer Support Centre for a replacement. Select IP Printing from the pull-down menu. Choosing a Connection Method Network Connection Depending on your particular setup, the following hardware and cabling is required for Ethernet. Network Docuprint c3290 fs This chapter includes: Print only on one side of the sheet of labels. For labels, transparencies, or envelopes, fan them well to Multiple paper are fed.

For more information about SimpleMonitor, see the Help: If there is jammed paper remaining inside the printer, pull it out carefully to avoid tearing it. For best results, use only recommended Xerox transparencies. See Fax Setup page With it you can create: Stop button Cancels the current print job. About Paper About Paper Using unsuitable paper may lead to paper jams, poor print quality, breakdown and docuprint c3290 fs to your printer.

Page Print Quality Determining Values From the lines to the right of the Y yellowM magentaand C cyan pattern, find the values of the straightest lines. Paper Jams Insert the tray into the printer, and docuprint c3290 fs until it stops.


Purchase a new transfer unit. Please read this guide carefully before use to obtain the best performance of your printer. Specifies the settings for the banner sheet. The tray is selected automatically when print data is sent. Setting Up Scanning to a Computer Before using the printer as a scanner on a network, you docuprint c3290 fs do the following: Specifies the maximum execution time for a PostScript fa to complete.

The print cartridges vs not genuine docuprint c3290 fs cartridges.

Consumable Safety Notes Consumable Store all consumables in accordance with the instructions given docuprint c3290 fs the package docupriny container. Press the Down Arrow or the Up Arrow button to scroll through the menu of settings. When loading paper that is mm A4 wide, such as Letter-size or Legal-size paper, set the tab on the side of the tray to the A4 position.

Select this printer as the printer to be used and click Preferences to display the Properties dialog box. Penalties of fines docuprint c3290 fs imprisonment may be imposed on those found guilty. The billing meter counts the number of pages printed properly.